how can a motability wav help you

Getting a Motability WAV comes with a number of benefits, which all emanate from the fact that you have improved mobility. Here is how a Motability WAV will help you:

Renewing the Car Every Three Months

Through the scheme, you will be able to get a new car every three years. A few months before your lease expires, the company will contact you to know if you wish to extend it. With the new lease, you are free to pick a new car for another three years.


With every car you hire, you will get a comprehensive insurance cover for you and two designated drivers (if you won’t be driving). When you leave Motability, you will be able to transfer your insurance history to another insurer.

Service and Maintenance

You are free to appoint a dealer to service and maintain your car. It is not possible that you will worry about unplanned repair bills.

Repair and replacement of windows and windscreens

In case of cracks in the windows and windscreens, they will be repaired free-of-charge. That should relieve you of lots of stress.

Vehicle Adaptations Free-Of-Charge

Adaptations that go into making the vehicle safer, easier, and more comfortable will be done free-of-charge.

Clearly, having wheelchair accessible cars is very good for you. Why don’t you apply for one today?

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